Web Services

Website programming

pattersonIT can provide front-end programming for your website design. Just bring us your design and materials, and we'll develop all of the necessary HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery code to bring your website to life. Our sites can be hand-coded to provide you with the most amount of creative flexibility possible, so you're not restricted to cookie cutter or template based websites. We also use HTML5 - the latest version of web programming that avoids using Adobe Flash for interactivity and animation. That means that your website will run smoothly on any desktop or mobile platform including the iPhone, iPad and Android. Prefer a site that you can manage and update yourself? We can also build your website in WordPress - a popular website Content Management System - that makes it easy for you to update your site with current photos, blog posts, or even new web pages!

If your website requires advanced features such as payments, shopping, email notifications, or acting as an application interface to a new or existing database, we can do that too! We use back-end, server side programming languages and databases such as Perl, PHP, .NET and MySQL, and we can interface to your existing Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases. Does your business need to automatically update the inventory list on it's website? We can write a program to regularly fetch your information and update your website database. Include a current weather forecast, no problem! Or let's create a specialized cross-platform, browser based application to access your in-house business systems.

Affordable hosting services

pattersonIT can host your website and provide ongoing upkeep and make minor site changes at one low monthly cost. Sign up for regular monthly billing and let us worry about the rest!

Domain branded email

We can also provide branded email for your domain. We can use your hosted domain name to set up email addresses such as 'joe@acmeparts.com' to brand your business and personalize your email addresses.

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